Everyone can be a meme god with Smudge

Smudge token is a hygienic and mostly independent meme coin for meme lovers developing an ecosystem of services backed by a top notch cryptocurrency that belongs not only to a few but, to every single investor involved by introducing revenue sharing and forum-driven network efforts to the popular AMM model.



We wanted to go with something many people are familiar with so we chose this cat named Smudge whose picture of facial expressions snowballed into viral memes. The  famous cat meme is versatile. You can use it for almost any scenario you could think of which depicts how versatile and easy our platform is for users. The cat was described as witty, a major characteristic of the team. He always demanded a seat at dinner table. He wanted to belong. We want our users to have a sense of belonging and affiliation with the project.
Users will always get that familiar feeling and trust after using our products frequently 

smu why.png


Organic growth of our community is key to Smugde and will be accomplished via team-community engagement. The concept "a coin is as strong as it is community" is the driving force.
No matter who you are, where you come from or what you do for a living, there is a place for you in our community and your voice will always be heard.





Why is this the top on the list? Our team is sick and tired of scams and money grabs who rob investors daily. Our team  is comprised of trusted crypto enthusiasts and experts whose identities aren’t hidden. We are working to have a Know Your Developer (KYD) verified Presale where presale addresses will be made public.

Continuously inflated supply will reduce the value of Smudge hence, we are following the Bitcoin supply model - the total number of Smudge coins will never exceed 100,000.

This limited supply of 100,000 SMG makes Smudge a rare meme token



A Great Coin Deserves A Great Wallet


We are designing a wallet that its not only rock-solid in terms of stability but it is beautiful in every aspect of its UI. Will soon be available for Download.

Our Services



The SMUDGE network permits their users who want to stake SMUDGE to earn daily, monthly or annual ROI on their total staking amount. Staking is made for members who are loyal to the project. Our aim is to give more rewards to members who HODL SMUDGE tokens.


Yield Farming

SMUDGE provides  easy safe and secure way to offer liquidity mining service to your holders. Smudge Yield farming as a service concept takes the staking service one step forward by offering Yield farming and liquidity mining to every  project in the market by Making these new and advanced technologies accessible to all the present and upcoming projects at cheap and affordable prices while also removing the barrier of development time and costs.


Giving to Charity

Giving back to charitable causes is part of the Smudge mission. This is a community governed coin so you decide exactly where the funds will go. Send and receive addresses will always be made public

Smudge aims to introduce a new, highly efficient, and secure P2P lending model built on the Blockchain Technology. Smudgd is a new-generation p2p lending platform that runs on BNB and Ethereum-based smart contracts to create a safe and efficient environment where borrowers worldwide have fast and convenient access to loans, and lenders can find high-yield investment opportunities


P2P Lending And Borrowing Platform


Decentralized Exchange

The Smudge DEX is a step in our vision for a fully decentralized exchange and financial services platform to remove the liability and security hurdles associated with traditional central platforms The goal is to be able to support advanced order types upon launch such as stop-loss or take-profit orders.

The process will be implemented by a random set of validators in the network in a fully decentralized and transparent way.




High Scalability

Benefited by the solution, Smudge offer users the high speed, high scalability, high performance experience.


Liquidity Mining

Users have infinite liquidity and can freely convert between assets. Rewards will be paid to users who provide liquidity for trading pairs or use it as collateral for lending


Multi Asset Exposure

Any asset can be traded with the support of Smudge's cross-chain wrapping hub

AMM DEX with High Scalability, Multi Asset Exposure and Liquidity Mining




Strategic Partners