Smudge token is a hygienic and mostly independent meme coin for meme lovers developing an ecosystem of services backed by a top notch cryptocurrency that belongs not only to a few but, to every single investor involved by introducing revenue sharing and forum-driven network efforts to the popular AMM model.

Name: Smudge

Start: May 3,2021

End: May 31, 2021

Currencies Accepted: ETH & BSC

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 50 SMUDGE; 1 BNB = 10 SMUDGE

Hard Cap: 25,000 SMUDGE

Minimun Purchase: 005 ETH; 0.1 BNB

Maximum Purchase: 10 ETH; 50 BNB

Contract Address: 


Send your BNB/ETH to the Presale address




There are so many dog meme based tokens out there now. Some popular ones include shiba, dogecoin, akita, Etcetra


But no one remembered cat lovers 💔

Well not until now(i keep 3 different cat breeds as pets)


This meme coin SMUDGE, notably named after the most popular cat on the internet is here, available for cat lovers and pet owners and every lover of cats.


We'll be hosting a presale event.

Why host presale?

In order for our token to have use case and functions, we've products which seeks to reward SMUDGE holders.


Some of these includes



LP farming 

Synthetic asset farming 


Smudge Dex

Smudge launchpad


The governance token for all this will be smudge.


So pre-sale event will allow us raise the funds needed to improve and launch our products and develop the project, boost liquidity and Etcetra.


Reward for participating?

Firstly due to low supply, we expect the presale to be eaten up. Those who participate are buying at the lowest price possible and will see gains eclipse that of doge, shiba, etc


Participants will be able to use their tokens for voting on future changes. Also be able to add liquidity to DEX and earn fees.

Stake their smudge to earn more smudge with APY above 800%

Be liable to receive our NFT artworks 

Many other benefits yet to be announced. 


You can either participate in the ERC 20 blockchain or BEP 20(BSC) blockchain.


Steps on how to participate will be made available soon.

Many thanks.


Julien Scott

Smudge Dev